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Hypixel Network Leveling and Experience

Hypixel Network Leveling allows players to unlock different cosmetics, permanent coin multipliers, and much more.

Hypixel Experience can be gained by playing games and doing quests on the Hypixel Server.

 Hypixel Network Leveling

You can see your Hypixel Network Level on your Minecraft experience bar in any lobby on the Hypixel Server. To gain levels, you have to earn experience by playing games or completing quests and challenges. As you raise your level higher, more experience will be required to move to the next level. 

To claim the rewards for your levels and to see future rewards, go to your Hypixel Profile and click the potion brewing stand. In the Leveling menu, you will see empty and filled minecarts. Hovering over any of the carts will show you the reward and the level required.

When you reach a new level, you can claim one of the minecarts and its reward.

Rewards include:

  • Arcade coins
  • Mystery Boxes
  • Mystery Dust
  • Personal Boosters
  • A color for /rankcolor (requires MVP+)
  • Banners

In addition to the rewards above, you can gain permanent coin multipliers that will affect all games on the Hypixel server.

Once you reach Hypixel Network Level 100, you will be given a new menu called "Veteran Rewards". You can find this by clicking the beacon at the end of the coin multipliers.

Veteran Rewards are harder to achieve rewards that occur every 10 levels instead of every level. Because of this, the rewards are more sought after in the community.

 Hypixel Network Experience

Hypixel Network Experience is how you gain more levels on the server. Progressively, the amount of experience you need to level up will raise making it more difficult to get to the next level. The rewards will get progressively better as you level up as well! The Delivery Man will give out experience as a daily reward and a reward for voting, so don't forget to claim it!

You can see how much experience you require to level up by hovering over the potion brewing stand in your Hypixel Profile (the same place you click to see your leveling progress).

At the end of games, you will see how much experience you gained from the minigame in your Reward Summary. To see this summary, stick around to the end of the game and do not leave for another game. You can gain more experience by having more donors in the game and by being in a party!

You can also complete quests and challenges to gain experience. You can do 10 challenges every day! The quests will reset either daily or weekly.

Additional ways to earn experience include:

  • Having an active Network Booster - Every time someone tips you for your active Network Booster, you will receive experience. To purchase a booster, please see the Hypixel Store.
  • Tipping someone with an active Network Booster - You receive a small amount of coins and experience for using /tip on the users who have boosters active.
  • Experience bags - If you play a game with someone who is "radiating generosity" (someone who recently opened a gifted Mystery Box) in a game, then you will receive a bag of experience after the game.
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