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Hypixel In-Game Profile

The In-Game Profile allows you to edit your social media, MVP+ rankcolor, settings, language, and friend's list. You can also view information about your stats and achievements in this menu.

The Hypixel In-Game profile provides information about your account and various settings can be found here.

 My Profile

To get to your In-Game "My Profile", right click on your head in your Minecraft toolbar in any Hypixel Server lobby.

 Social Menu

To see more information on Friends, Guilds, and Parties, please see this article: Social Menu.


Set a status to be displayed above your head in lobbies.

 Social Media

Clicking the light blue head in "My Profile" will bring you to the Social Media for your account.

You will see options for Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, Mixer, Discord, and the Hypixel Forums. You can left-click any of them to change or right-click them to remove the linked accounts.

Anybody can see your linked social media accounts, so be careful of what you link to your account.

 Character Information

Hovering over your head in "My Profile" will show you your rank, level, experience until your next level, achievement points, mystery dust, quests completed, and karma. Clicking your head will show you the link to the Hypixel Store.

Stats Viewer

Clicking the paper in "My Profile" will show you the stats for your account. Hover over any of the game icons to see your stats.

You can also type '/stats [username]' into chat if you have MVP or higher.


Clicking the prismarine crystals will toggle your glow. Gives your in-game character an outline in the color of your rank.

The glowing effect will only be visible to players using Minecraft version 1.9 or higher!

 MVP+ Rankcolor

Players with MVP+ can change the color of the '+' in their rank here. Along with this the nether star found at the bottom right of the menu allows MVP++ to change their rank prefix color to aqua or gold.


Clicking the diamond will show you the Achievements menu. Hovering over any of the game icons will show you the progress done for that game's achievements. 

At the bottom, there is also options to see Total Completion of Achievements, Achievement Tracking for MVP+, Achievement Rewards and a search function.

 Hypixel Leveling

To see more information on Hypixel Network Leveling and Experience, please see this article: Hypixel Network Leveling and Experience.

 Quests and Challenges

Clicking the enchantment book will lead you to the Quests and Challenges menu. Clicking on any of the game icons in this menu will show you the quests and challenges each one offers.

The green dye in the corner allows MVP+s to auto-accept quests and challenges.

 Settings and Visibility

Clicking the redstone comparator will give you the options to edit the following:

  • Player Visibility - Toggles the ability to see players
  • Pet Visibility - Toggles the ability to see pets
  • Auto Spawn Pet - Toggles whether or not your pet will auto spawn upon joining a lobby
  • Blood and Gore - Toggles ability to see blood and gore
  • /lobby protection - Requires you to type the /lobby command twice to avoid accidents
  • Offer Map Feedback - Toggles whether you will be offered map feedback surveys.
  • Auto Queue - Toggles whether or not you will auto queue after a game ends
  • Update Notification - Toggles whether or not you are informed about new updates
  • Particle Quality - Toggles the quality of particles.
  • Autotip - Toggles whether you automatically tip all active boosters. This is only available to MVP++s
  • API Settings - Edit the following API settings:
    • Online status - Toggles whether the API will show as online or not.
    • Recent Games - Toggles whether the API will show your recently played games.
  • Chat Settings - Edit the following chat settings:
    • Chat Visibility - Toggles ability to see chat
    • Guild Chat Visibility - Toggles ability to see guild chat
    • Profanity levels - Toggles how strong the profanity filter in the specified chat should censor the chat
    • Lobby Join Message - Toggle whether your join message is sent when you join a lobby. This is only available to MVP+s
    • Message Sounds - Toggles hearing a ding when you receive a new chat message in the specified chats
    • Chat Alerts - Toggles the ping sound and text highlight when you're mentioned in lobby chat
  • Privacy Settings - See here for more information on Privacy Settings:


The door will take you to your Housing plot. You can also go to your Housing using '/home'.

 Coin Boosters

Click the water bottle to see boosters. If you have boosters available, you will be able to activate them through this menu. Personal Boosters only affect you while Network Boosters affect everyone playing a certain minigame.

If you wish to purchase a Network Booster, please go to

Select Language

You can change the language you use in the Hypixel Server by clicking the world head. The languages available are:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Dutch
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Russian
  • Japanese
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Polish
  • Pirate Speak
  • Nederlands
  • Greek
  • Korean

Don't see your language? Click the book to see more information on translating the Hypixel Server.

If you join the Hypixel server and the language shown is not your language then see here for more information on language troubleshooting:

You can also have us auto-detect the language your Minecraft uses when you log into the Hypixel Server.

 Hypixel Store

Clicking the glowing gold ingot will open our in-game store. Many items found on our web store you will be able to purchase in-game using our gold.


Clicking the book to see your recent games. This menu will show your most recent games including the:

  • Minigame type - What minigames was played (ex. Skywars)
  • Date - When it was recorded
  • Duration - How long the game lasted
  • Mode - The gamemode that was played (ex. Insane from Skywars)
  • Map - The map that was played on
  • Server - Which server it was played on 
  • Players - How many players were in that game

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