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How to Use the Hypixel Store

To access the Hypixel Store, please visit Ensure all information is correct when purchasing, including: Minecraft Username, Contact Email, and Payment Information.


For issues with the Hypixel Store, use this guide to create a ticket with the Hypixel Support Team.

 Hypixel Store Basics

Information Bar

  • Support - For any issues or questions related to the Hypixel Store.
  • FAQ - For general questions about the Hypixel Store.
  • Currency - Change the type of currency you see on the Hypixel Store.
  • Your Cart- See what is currently in your Hypixel Store shopping Cart.

 What can I buy from the Hypixel Store?

On the Hypixel Store, we offer:

  • Ranks - VIP, VIP+, MVP, MVP+, MVP++. To see more information on what the ranks offer, see here.
  • Gold - In-game currency to buy items from our in-game Hypixel store.
  • Boosters - Network Boosters increase the coin multipliers for everyone on a specified minigame for a limited time.
  • Mystery Boxes - Mystery Boxes contain various cool cosmetic features for your character and Hypixel housing plot.
  • Companions - Unique Hypixel pets for the lobbies.
  • Loot Chests - Loot Chests contain awesome cosmetics for certain minigames.
  • Gifts - Gifts for your friends that can earn you exclusive rewards for sending them.

 Logging into the Hypixel Store

Clicking any of the items to purchase will lead you to enter your Minecraft Username. Please make sure you input your current Minecraft Username. Double check you spelled it correctly!


Please keep in mind that the prices listed in the following screenshots may not be accurate. The Hypixel Store will always have the most accurate information.

► Ranks

To buy a rank on the Hypixel Store, click on any of the "BUY" buttons. 

If you already have one of the ranks above, purchasing the next rank will be cheaper since it is a rank upgrade. For example: If you have VIP ($7) and want to buy VIP+ ($15), it will only cost you $8 to get VIP+.

When clicking the "BUY" button, it will ask you to put the item in your Cart. This will let you continue shopping and you can purchase everything all together at the end.

MVP++ is our only different rank! MVP++ is like a rank add-on to MVP+ and is temporary. You can purchase MVP++ for 30, 90, 180, or 360 days. For more information on MVP++, please go here in the store:


Boosters are offered for many of the games on the Hypixel Server. You can buy a booster that lasts 60 minutes. Make sure you click "BUY" on the right minigame!

 Mystery Boxes

You can buy different amounts of Mystery Boxes by clicking the "BUY" button underneath the bundle you want.

► Companions

Companions are pets to follow you around in lobbies. You can click "BUY" on the bundles or under just one of the companions you want.

► Loot Chests

Similar to other items, you can buy bundles of different amounts of Loot Chests . They are only available for several minigames on the server, make sure you click "BUY" on the right one!


Gifts are special since they can only be given to a friend on the Hypixel Server! You cannot buy them for yourself, but you will get rewards for sending them out. You can buy different amounts in the store. You gift them in game after purchase.


Verify that what is listed is what you want. If you want more orders of one of them, then you can change the Quantity. Make sure you click "Update" if you change the Quantity.

You can see more information about each item with the blue "i" on the right hand side. If you change your mind on an item, then click the red "X".

Ensure that the "You Are Buying As..." is the right Minecraft Account! If it is not, then click "Not Correct?" to get it fixed.

Fill out the information with your details. We ask for this as we are legally obligated by law to at least ask for this information, however, we do not physically send anything. You may enter any fake information if you'd rather remain anonymous.

Check the box once you have read the Privacy Policy.

Check the box once you have read the Hypixel Store's Terms and Conditions.

Now you can choose your Payment Method. For more information on the two payment options, you can highlight over them or see our article.

Please note that the Hypixel Store's geological location is in Canada - as such, any payment methods that cannot be used internationally won't work, unless you are paying from Canada.

Once you fill out the card information, you should see the confirmation screen and will receive an email about your purchase. If you have not received your purchases within 48 hours, please contact support via

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