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How to suggest an Idea for the Hypixel Server

The "Ideas and Feedback" section on the Hypixel Forums is looked over by Hypixel developers to help improve the experience for the players of the server and forums.

If you have an idea or suggestion for the Hypixel Server, please follow the the steps below to post your idea to the Hypixel Forums. Whether your idea is for a game or just a general suggestion, make sure that you fully describe what you imagine!

 How to suggest an Idea for the Hypixel Server

Step 1: Log in

Make sure you are logged into the Hypixel Forums. If you need to create an account, see here.

Step 2: Find the section

Find the "Ideas and Feedback" section in the Hypixel Server section. Or go directly to it here:

Step 3: Posting your suggestion/idea

First, click "Post New Thread" in the top right hand corner of the forums area. When creating your thread for your idea/suggestion, make sure to include the game name in the title, for example [SKYWARS] or [BEDWARS].

Before making your thread, make sure you are calm and collected. Posting a rage/rant thread may not get as much attention as you would want for your thread. If you do feel angry, write your thread with [RANT] in the title, then relax for a little bit before posting the thread. You can edit it when you feel a bit better.

In your thread, make sure that you include all information for your suggestion. If it is a general suggestion, such as a command you feel is useful, then show how it would be useful and what it would exactly do. 

If you have a suggestion for a current Hypixel minigame, then include  a general explanation what is currently happening in the game and what could be changed about it. If you are suggesting a new minigame, you can follow the format posted here.

If you are suggesting for something for the Hypixel Forums, include [FORUMS] in the title. Explain what you are suggesting and what it will do.

Once you have created your thread full of all the information you want to share, go ahead and post!

Step 4: Waiting

Take into consideration what other users are saying and reply to them thoughtfully/edit your thread appropriately. The Hypixel developers may not reply to every thread, but they do look at them. The support your thread receives is an indicator of how many people think you had a good idea.

If you do not have much support, don't take it to heart! Just because one idea isn't the best, doesn't mean you won't have better ideas in the future.

Thank you for your suggestions and ideas to help improve the Hypixel server!

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