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The Delivery Man

The Delivery Man delivers daily and monthly rewards to the Hypixel Server's players.

The Delivery Man brings daily, monthly, and one time rewards to everyone. Rewards can be Mystery Dust, Mystery Boxes, Hypixel Network Experience, Arcade Coins, and Cosmetics. The Delivery Man is a bit short, but is a very big help!

 The Basics

Where can I find the Delivery Man?

The Delivery Man can be found in every lobby. The picture below is our Delivery Man in the Hypixel Main lobby. The Delivery Man will often be on the left side of the lobby's spawn when you enter the lobby.

When can I claim my Daily Rewards?

Daily Rewards reset at midnight EST (Eastern Standard Time).


Monthly Rewards

Right clicking on the Delivery Man will open up his menu. Every month, you can claim Mystery Boxes from the first row of minecarts. By default, all players can claim 1 free Mystery Box. Depending on your rank, you can claim more free Mystery Boxes every month. Here is how many free Mystery Boxes each rank can claim each month:

  • VIPs can claim Mystery Boxes
  • VIP+s can claim 11 Mystery Boxes
  • MVPs can claim 16 Mystery Boxes
  • MVP+s can claim 21 Mystery Boxes

Daily Rewards

The second row has three daily rewards that you can claim. The first is the voting reward. This will take you to a Minecraft Server voting website to let them know you love the Hypixel Server! The Golden/Diamond flashing Block is your daily reward that offers a large variety of items. Clicking the block will send you to the Hypixel website where you will be shown a chest opening. When it opens, you will have a choice of one of three items. Choose whichever you want and it will let you know on the server that it has been redeemed. The last daily will give you Hypixel Network Experience and Arcade coins.

One Time Rewards

There are two one time rewards. These are "Social Media Rewards" and "Website Link". Social Media Rewards require you to follow the Hypixel Server on any of the following: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. The more places you follow us, the more rewards you get. For the Website Link, see this guide to link your Minecraft account and your Hypixel Forums account to get this reward.

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