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How to create a Hypixel Support Ticket

Hypixel Support answers questions related to Hypixel Server purchases such as rank issues and chargeback bans.

There are two ways to contact support:

 Website Tickets - Recommended

You can create a ticket on the website you are currently on To do so, you must have an account on the website, which you can do by clicking “Sign in” in the top right corner or “Sign Up or Log In to message the Hypixel Support Team” in the middle of the screen. 

A short cut to the signup page is

You will create an account using your full name and email address.

Once you click Sign Up after filling in your information, you will receive a verification email from “support[at]” via Clicking the link will send you back to the support page and will ask you to create a password. 

Please create a strong password for your account to ensure nobody can use your name and email to contact us without your permission. We recommend using a password that is 8 characters long and contains numbers and symbols.

Now that you have your password set, you can sign into the Hypixel Support website. On the main screen, you will see two options available to create a ticket. You can click “Open a Support Ticket” in the top right corner of your screen or “Click Here to start a new support ticket with the Hypixel Support Team” in the middle of your screen.

Either link should lead you to Here, you can choose what the general topic of your ticket is and begin the process of writing to support. 

Tip: Hovering over the “i” in the grey circle in any of the options will give you more information on what that topic is about.

Clicking one of the options will bring you to a new page where you can start giving the Hypixel Support Team further information on your ticket. Please remember to include all necessary details that may help the Hypixel Support Team to solve your problem.

If your issue is an in game issue or a problem with your rank, please provide your Minecraft Username. If your issue has to do with your Hypixel Forums account, please provide the name of your Hypixel Forums account.

When you feel comfortable with your message, hit send and it will start the conversation with the Hypixel Support Team. A Hypixel Support Agent will reply to your message soon, please be patient and wait for a reply.

On the side of your conversation, you will see additional information about your ticket such as status, priority and which agent has taken on your ticket. These do not affect your ticket, they just provide further information to the agent.

Now that you have your ticket created, you will see it on your Hypixel Support homepage Make sure you check the website from time to time to see if your ticket has received a reply from an agent. It will also send you an email to let you know when an agent has responded.

 Contact Support via Email

You can also contact support via email by emailing “support[at]”. We do not recommend this method as it may take longer for a support agent to gather your information that may be needed better assess your case. Contacting through the support website streamlines the process for both the Hypixel Support Team and you.

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