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Apply for Staff on Hypixel

The purpose of a staff rank is to specify a person is part of the Hypixel Staff Team as a voluntary helper. Volunteer staff have a lot of responsibilities, but their rank does not mean they have an advantage over other players.

You've been playing on Hypixel for some time now and you think you're ready to use your helpful nature to become part of the Hypixel Staff Team?  Great!  We are always looking for motivated staff members to assist us in making the Hypixel server fun and safe!

 Apply for Staff

You can start the process by going to 

There you will find all the information and requirements to become staff on the Hypixel Network.

If you are actually looking for a Job at Hypixel, then you will want to take a look at our job listing here or at

 If you are looking for more information on our other ranks on the Hypixel Server, please see here.

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