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Mystery Boxes

Mystery Boxes give users awesome cosmetics like armor and pets to ride in lobbies.

Mystery Boxes can be received by playing Hypixel server minigames, leveling up, being gifted the boxes, or by purchasing them in the Hypixel Store.

 What is a Mystery Box?

A Mystery Box is a reward that can give users cool and various cosmetic items. Boxes show several cosmetic items within it that you could get when you open the box. The Mystery Box will randomize which item you will receive from it. 

You will also notice there is different colors on the names, the colors mean:

  • Green - Common item, very easy to get from boxes
  • Blue - Rare item, which is slightly less common to find
  • Purple - Epic item, which can be hard but not impossible to get
  • Gold - Legendary item, very difficult to find but very cool once received

Each box has a star level (or quality level) that goes from one to five. One stars are boxes that are common and don't have have a high chance of containing a special item. A five star is a box that has a higher chance of getting a legendary item within it. Higher star boxes require a rank to open the boxes. There are also Crafted Mystery Boxes that you can make. Crafted boxes contain only legendary items within them.

Some of the items you can find in a Mystery Box include:

  • Suits
  • Housing Items
  • Gadgets
  • Hats
  • Morphs
  • Pets

 How do I get a Mystery Box?

You can get Mystery Boxes by playing games on the Hypixel server, leveling up, being gifted them, or purchasing them in the Hypixel Store. Boxes found by playing games can be of any star level. Boxes from leveling will tell you what quality you receive. 

Boxes from the store will tell you how many guaranteed four or five star boxes will be in your package. You do not need a rank to open any of the Mystery Boxes you buy.

Being gifted Mystery Boxes means that someone bought a "Gift" from the Hypixel Store and gave one of them to you. Gifts cannot be purchased for yourself and can only be given to other players on the server.

 The Mystery Vault

In every lobby on the Hypixel server, you will see a floating ender chest on the left or right side of where you spawn in. This ender chest is called the "Mystery Vault". Right click the Mystery Vault to see any Mystery Boxes you have inside of it. 

Tip: Above the Mystery Vault will say "# Available!". This is how many items you have available to open.

Once you open the Vault, you will see any boxes you might have as well as some additional options. The options in the box are:

  • Gift Box - This is your Gift Inventory. If you have purchased any "Gifts" from the Hypixel Store, it will appear here for you to send to your friends.
  • Book - This is your Mystery Box Information. It will show you the five most recent items you got from the Mystery box.
  • Dust - This is your Credit Converter. If you have any Hypixel credits, they can be changed into Mystery Dust here.
  • Anvil - This is where you Craft Mystery Boxes. You can craft legendary Mystery Boxes here if you have the right amount of Mystery Dust. The amount it costs depends on your rank on the server.
  • Ender chest - This is your Mystery Converter. If you have any Hypixel Credits, they can be changed into Mystery Boxes.
  • Nether star - This is where MVP++s can Open Multiple Items at once.

By hovering over any of the Mystery Boxes, which start in the top left hand corner of the menu, you can see the quality and items in the box. Clicking on any of the Mystery Boxes will open the box. You can only open one box at a time! Once you have opened the box, it will display what you got in your Minecraft chat.

Note: If you already have the item that the Mystery Box gives you, you will be given Mystery Dust instead. Mystery Dust is used to craft Mystery Boxes.

 Fun Facts about Mystery Boxes

  • You find boxes every 10 to 90 minutes of active playtime (playing games/housing).
  • There is a weekly limit between 8 to 14 per week.
  • That limit is random.
  • There is no daily limit, if very lucky you could find all your boxes in a single day.
  • You get your Mystery Box after a game in lobbies when you are "due".
  • We are giving them in lobbies to not distract you while playing, but might change that.
  • Some people might take a few hours to find their last box.
  • You can also find Mystery Boxes in housing.
  • The weekly limit resets on Thursday night, right before the weekend.
  • Losing or winning games does not matter.
  • All ranks receive the same amount of boxes except for MVP++, who can find more.
  • Your rank does not affect the quality of boxes that you find.
  • Crafting is cheaper the higher your rank is.
  • We made sure that if you play casually, you can still get all your weekly boxes fairly easily. No AFK.
  • You can find all legendaries from a 5 stars in any other boxes.
  • 4 and 5 stars boxes are here to help put value on the ranks.
  • If you let your Mystery Box expire, it will be destroyed or might be put back in rotation for someone else to find. Controlled economy ecosystem.
  • For Holidays, we have special mystery boxes that can only be found around the holiday. Example: Halloween Boxes around Halloween.
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