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Hypixel Advanced Forum Guide

In this article we will cover how to use forums, good writing practices, forum etiquette, and more.

You will need a account to use certain features such as posting threads, reacting to posts etc. You can view our article on How to sign up to the Hypixel forums found HERE.

 How to use the Hypixel Forums

The Hypixel forums is a big place and there are many things that can be done to tailor your experience to your fitting.

There are many options and preferences that can be changed to improve your experience on the Hypixel forums. Please view our article on How to edit your Hypixel Forums Profile which can be found HERE.

When using our forums users are able to create "threads" which means you can create a post about a specific topic and other users will be able to discuss that topic. Please view our article on "Basics of a thread" which can be found HERE.

Sometimes threads may have "Stamps" which provides certain information about a thread. Please view our article on Hypixel Forums Thread Stamps which can be found HERE.

 Good Writing Practices

The Title
Once you begin creating a thread you will first start with the title. It good to have a title in mind before writing a thread so you know what you will write about. If you start writing the thread but realize the title doesn't fit then you can always change it! Think of the title as a "draft summary".

Here are a few do's and dont's when creating a title:


  • Original (If there are similar thread titles try to be different)
  • Relativity (Make sure it is relevant to what you are discussing)


  • Make a very long title (upwards 9 words).
  • Mislead (False information/title or outright click baiting)
  • All Caps
  • Excessive Repeat Characters (EX. AHHHHHHH or ?????????)

The Subject
First ask yourself "What is my goal when I create my thread"? Has my subject been discussed multiple times already? Is my subject still relevant? Do I really want to have a discussion about this? You can't just start writing if you haven't laid out what you want to talk about!

"What is my goal when I create my thread"
- When writing your thread you should aim for achieving something such as - learning something you didn't know, giving someone knowledge on a certain topic, or gathering feedback etc.

 "Has my subject been discussed multiple times already?" - Typically if there are already many threads discussing the same topic as yours; then your thread will either have very little to contribute or most discussion will happen on the other threads (as theirs has been up longer). We say typically because sometimes threads will provide insight to a particular topic that hasn't been discussed before and it may spark new discussion.

"Is my subject still relevant?" - This one is simple, if you are trying to have a discussion about something that isn't relevant anymore then you might not get many responses.

"Do I really want to have a discussion about this?" - Engagement is key into keeping a discussion ongoing. If you are writing about something you don't want to discuss then you probably won't enjoy the responses you'll receive.

Language and Writing
Once you have the subject done and the title planned, you're ready to start writing! Don't worry about formatting yet just write down all of your thoughts. Try to write in a professional sense like you understand the topic you are writing about.

When you are writing there a few dont's:


  • Rant (Going on and on about your topic but not being constructive)
  • Raging (If you wouldn't make this post when you aren't raging then you probably shouldn't post it)
  • Swearing (It makes your post less professional)


Formatting is just as important as the topic if not more important. Think of formatting as instructions, if they aren't in the correct order it will be really hard to complete them!

Here are a few tips when formatting:


  • Use the correct font size (A font big enough to read easily)
  • Paragraphs (If your thread is more than 5 sentences consider using paragraphs)
  • Bolding (You should bold key points about your topic but not too much or else it will not look good)
  • Color (Along with bolding color can be used for important parts but you have to be more careful as certain colors can be distracting or hard to read)
  • Images (If you use images make sure they aren't too small or too large. Along with this make sure they are "readable" or not blury)

Polls (Optional)

If you're looking to gather simple feedback then polls are great! Keep in mind polls are only as good as you make them.

A few don'ts when making a poll:


  • Biased Options (Ex. No, it is bad; No, it sucks, No, I don't like it. There are only options for if someone doesn't like something but not if they like it.)
  • Too specific options (If you make too many options that are too specific then people may not vote because they feel there isn't an option that they full agree with).
  • Relevant (Of course the poll should relate to the thread)

Posting and Feedback

Once you have finished writing the thread you are almost ready to post it! Make sure you read over it and look for any mistakes.
Lastly review your title again, does it fit? Then you're ready to post the thread!

Now that you posted the thread, you're looking for people to view your thread and potentially respond.

A few ways to increase engagement and feedback are:

  • Link to it in your signature
  • Make a profile post about it
  • Share it externally, such as on your social medias

 Forum Etiquette

Make sure you read and follow our Forum Rules which can be found here:


Remember to approach threads with an open mind and if you are providing feedback for an idea remember to give constructive criticism.

If you're looking for an argument you will most likely get one and the experience will be bad for everyone involved. If you're actually listening to what someone is trying to say then the experience will be better for everyone.

If someone is trolling then you should not engage but report the post and move on.

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