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Watchdog Guide

In this article we will explain what Watchdog is, why you may have been banned by it, how you can prevent yourself from being banned, and other commonly asked questions.

If your appeal has been denied by the Hypixel Appeals Team on the forums, this support service cannot change their decision - it is final.

 What is Watchdog?

Watchdog is our Cheat Detection System. Watchdog gathers and analyses data on numerous users randomly at the same time and determines whether a person is using unfair advantages or not.

When Watchdog detects a user using unfair advantages, it records the data of player and they are punished. We have trained Watchdog for many years on how to be successful spotting cheaters. We can not reveal the exact details of how Watchdog works, but it's super cool and successful.

 Why was I banned by Watchdog?

If you were banned by watchdog your ban message will include:


You were monitored, caught and confirmed to be in one or more of the following categories:

  1. Actively using one or more unfair advantages on the network.
  2. Previously used one or more blacklisted modifications which has outstanding effects on your Minecraft folder.
  3. Using one or more disallowed modifications such as but not limited to TCP edit, Better Sprint, macros or auto clickers.

 How to appeal a watchdog ban?

To appeal a Watchdog ban, please go here:

You do NOT need to have your account linked to appeal.
Appeals sent in any other way (e.g. private message, email, etc) will be directed back to the appeals section here with no further answer. If you have received a response on your appeal that decision is final and it will not change.

What can I do to stop this from happening?

1. Make sure read and follow our latest network rules: HERE
2. Check to see if your modifications are allowed on our network: HERE
3. Make sure your Minecraft client is clean. You can do so: HERE
4. Do not edit your registry files on your OS and if you have make sure to remove it by restoring your registry files from your backup.
5. Do not use any automated or toggling macros.

 Frequently Asked Questions

- Is X modification allowed on the server?

You can find out more about allowed modifications here. If the modification provides any form of advantage over other users then we strongly recommend removing it. 

OptiFine is allowed as it's main purpose is to provide an FPS (Frames-Per-Second) boost to players.

- Will I ever be 100% sure that my modification(s) are safe?

No. For that reason we recommend a 100% vanilla client when possible.

- Can a staff member tell me if a modification is allowed?

No. We DO NOT approve modifications on request. If you want to know if a modification is allowed on the network, our recommendation is not to use it, we can refer you to our whitelisted modifications thread here.

- I have used modifications in the past, am I at risk of being banned?

No, as long as they are no longer installed and you are no longer using them on the server. However some modifications have found to tamper with your .jar in your minecraft folder, follow our guide on how to make a clean Minecraft installtion.

- If I have modifications installed but aren't actively using them, am I at risk?

You might be. Some modifications interact with the server even if you aren't actively using them. Simply having them installed may be putting you at risk.

- I've used a program (such as "regedit") to change how my TCP settings work - will that be detected?

As you might know, our cheat detection learns and gets better everyday and as complicated as regedit was for him to learn, today it managed to make the difference between a hacker and a regedit user. However, if you are using it alongside other mods, we do not know the results and will not be able to unban or do anything to clean your records.

Our stance is still the same, it is not allowed, the safest way to be a legit player is just to not mess around with it. We do not think that this modification alone will trigger the cheat detection, but a combination of mods could.

- Will I be banned for using a OS that has regedit enabled by default? (e.g. Mac, Linux etc.)

No. The majority of the admins use Windows 10, with many others using macOS and then a few running Windows 8 and Linux distros. We've tested over 2,000 people; it's incorrect to say that anyone would be banned for their operating system.

- Does Watchdog access any of my computers files?

No, Watchdog is entirely server side.

- Will I be banned if I have a glitchy/laggy connection?

No. Unlike most other anticheats, Watchdog knows the difference between someone lagging and someone hacking.

- Is there a chance I can be falsely banned by Watchdog?

We will only ever confirm and commit to 100% positive bans which fit into one or more "Why was I banned by watchdog?" categories. If you believe you have been falsely banned by Watchdog please submit an appeal in on the forums.

- How does the stat wipe system work?

On a Watchdog punishment the user will receive a wipe from all leaderboards. Once the users temporary ban has expired and before returning to the leaderboard system their stat's will be wiped.

 - Does watchdog differentiate between ranks?

No, justice is blind. It does not care which rank you have.

- Does Watchdog affect gameplay such as hit registration?

No, Watchdog has been trained as a silent beast. You won't even know he's there! Watchdog has already been watching games in the background for years now and he doesn't get in the way of your hit detection.

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