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Hypixel Player Council

Here you will find information regarding the Hypixel Player Council [HPC], and you will learn what HPC is, where to apply, and frequently asked questions such as requirements for joining.

This article will answer your questions about HPC and will provide you with what you need to know regarding the Hypixel Player Council.

 What does Hypixel Player Council do?
HPC members regularly assist the development team in testing and balancing games, filing bug reports, and creating new ideas for games & other quality of life changes for the network. Members assist each other in constructive discussion, and often ask for feedback from other members and post suggestion threads on the forums for community feedback.

Council members do not receive any in-game benefits, and only apply to the group because they want to help improve the playing experience of the server. All members are experienced and have a deep understanding of at least one specific game, or multiple games. To join the group, members must have a creative mind, in addition to game knowledge.

 Where can I apply for Hypixel Player Council?

You can apply for HPC here. Make sure to read the FAQ found below.

 Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to apply for the HPC?
  1. Hypixel Level 75+
  2.  Must be a fluent English speaker
  3.  No infractions within the past 12 months (not including overturned infractions, forum infractions also count)
  4.  Must be age 16+
  5. 1 year of playtime on the network
Exceptions are not made. All requirements must be met.

Does my reputation on the network affect my application?

Players with a history of many infractions or being rude/immature on the network or on social media will not be considered. Past infractions will be weighed against you, but are not cause for an auto-deny.

Is it necessary to have a lot of in-game stats to be accepted, or is it all in my application quality?

Applicants are heavily judged based on application quality and responses to questions, though in-game stats do affect your outcome, to prove experience in a certain game or multiple games that you are applying for.

Why do I need to be 16 years old or older?

The Player Council is subject to sensitive information regarding future updates and plans, and applicants under the age of 16 puts administrators in a difficult situation contract wise.

A quote from Dctr (Head of HPC): “In most countries, the minimum age for signing an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) is 16 so we felt much safer using it as a requirement as it gives us the option to have the team sign NDAs if we choose to go that route.

The second reason in raising the age requirement from 14 to 16 is due to the overwhelming amount of applications that did not meet certain standards. In setting the requirement to 16+, we tend to see a general increase in maturity of applicants and quality of applications themselves.

Who judges applications?

Applications are judged by current members, select staff members, and final consideration is made by Dctr.

Why have I not received a response to my application? When can I reapply?

Applicants are not “denied” in a sense, and will not receive a message regarding the outcome of their application unless accepted. If you do not receive a response within four months, you may submit a new application.

How do I know I’ve been accepted into the HPC?

You will be private messaged by an administrator with the next steps.

Can members work on other games/projects other than what they applied for?

Yes, members will generally be working in the area they’re most experienced in but will have access to help in everything the team is working on.

Will there ever be an official list of members in the group?

There are currently no plans to release a public HPC list. Though, members can publicize membership if they choose to.

Are applicants required to have a microphone?

It is not a requirement, but heavily encouraged. Most work is done through Slack (chat), although when testing, it is hard to contribute without a mic.

Should I still apply if applications are not being accepted for the game I’m experienced with?

The best thing to do is apply when applications are open for your game. Keep an eye on this thread and @HypixelNetwork on twitter for updates. Keep in mind there is no schedule for when applications will reopen for your game. 

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