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Creator Program (YOUTUBE Rank) Frequently Asked Questions

This article covers some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our Creator Program and its associated rank - the YOUTUBE rank. Please do check this article for any questions you have prior to emailing us to ensure that we're not answering things that are already covered here.

What are the requirements to apply?

Our current requirements for our Creator Program are listed on our applications guide which you can find on our website here.

Why are the minimum requirements to apply so high?

There are a number of reasons why our requirements are set where they are today, however, the primary reasons for this are intended to keep the number of applications we receive at a sustainable level.

By this, we mean that we've set the requirements where they are in order to be able to offer and provide the rank to as many established and well-known creators as possible, while also not overwhelming our team with applications for channels - many of which we would likely be unable to provide ranks to anyway for varying reasons.

Why don't you just accept everyone with a channel?

While this would effectively solve the issue regarding applications by effectively removing that process entirely, this would also create significant problems in itself.

The most obvious of these problems is that this would effectively make everyone eligible for our Creator Program, in this case, given that effectively anyone is able to register an account - and hence get a channel - on YouTube, Twitch, or any number of other video platforms.

Can you make an exception to your requirements for me?

Unfortunately, we cannot make exceptions to our set requirements for any application - not even in cases where you're only very slightly under our set requirements. As we have to say to anyone who asks, we cannot fairly make an exception for one person and not someone else at which point our requirements would effectively be pointless.

I saw a player who doesn't meet the minimum requirements but has a Creator Program rank! Why?

We do occasionally receive questions regarding specific players who have one of our Creator Program ranks, but who don't appear to meet our requirements for the rank they have. In cases where these players legitimately have this rank, this is normally for one of two reasons.

One of the reasons for this can be due to changes in our requirements over time. For example, if our requirements have increased since a specific creator joined our Creator Program, this can mean that they fall under our current requirements - even though they did meet our former requirements. In these cases, we do not usually retroactively apply our current requirements to existing members and instead consider them to be grandfathered into the program under our former requirements.

Alternatively, there are also a very limited number of cases where the same ranks given through our Creator Program have also been assigned to players on our server for other reasons. In these cases, these ranks have not been applied for or even requested by the player who has received it, but these have instead been given at the discretion of our administration team based upon very specific circumstances.

We do also occasionally hear about cases where the owners of very small channels appear to have one of our Creator Program ranks within their videos. In most of these cases, we often find that the "ranks" shown in these creators videos aren't actually ranks on our server but are instead the result of client-side modifications designed to make it look like they have a rank they actually don't. If you want to check this, you can always check a player's true rank by checking their player page on our website here.

If you don't believe that any of the above is the case for a player you've seen with one of our Creator Program ranks, we do encourage you to report them to us via our support site here or by sending us an email to [email protected] with the subject line "Creator Report".

I'm about to hit the requirements, but am not there yet. Can I apply now?

Though we cannot accept an application for any channel which has not yet met our minimum application requirements, if you are expecting to reach our set requirements within the next 7 days you are welcome to submit an application in advance. You should note that this is the case in your application in order to ensure we're aware.

In this case, though we would not be able to accept the application in advance, we can often start the process of reviewing your application early to help speed up the process once you do hit the application requirements.

I've just hit the requirements! If I apply now and wait to get the rank before uploading more content, is that ok?

Though it's common to want to wait to get into our Creator Program as a way of celebrating hitting out subscriber requirements, we certainly do not recommend this. In fact, in the worse case, this is likely to be both detrimental to your channel and potentially result in us declining your application anyway.

If you are applying for our Creator Program, please continue to operate your channel normally during this process. Consistency is key to continuing to growing your channel, and this consistency - i.e. frequency and regularity of new content - is a core part of our review process. If you suddenly stop producing new content while you're waiting to be accepted, not only may that result in your subscribers going elsewhere but it may mean that we decline your application due simply to your channel appearing to have become inactive.

Am I guaranteed to be accepted if I meet the requirements?

While we would like to be able to accept every eligible application we receive, unfortunately, there are a number of reasons why we cannot in a limited number of cases.

To get a quick idea of whether or not we would likely be able to accept an application from you, check that you:

  • are acting in accordance with our network rules & policies, and that you have not received any valid punishments recently;
  • are acting in accordance with our content creator guidelines;
  • do not re-upload other creators content (including clip compilations, edited versions of animations, and similar), and your own primarily original content is the source of the vast majority of your channels total views;
  • have not used any services in order to falsely inflate your channel's statistics, such as follower, subscriber, and view "botting" services.

While this list is not fully comprehensive of every possible issue which can arise, if you answered yes to all of the above then there is a good chance that we would be able to accept your application.

Are there any forms of content you will not accept on creator's channels?

In the vast majority of cases, we leave the decision as to what kinds of content a creator produces up to the creator themselves. They know their channels best, including what their viewers do and do not want to see.

That said, there are some boundaries on this - including some forms of content we won't accept from members applying to join or currently in our Creator Program. For example, we don't accept the following forms of content in any form or for any reason:

  • Intentional Violation of Hypixel Rules, Terms, and Other Policies
    We do not support any content which involves the intentional violation of our server rules, terms, or other policies, for any reason.

  • Cheating, "Hacking", or Griefing
    We do not support content that focused on cheating or "hacking" within any multiplayer or competitive environment - regardless of what game this is within - where this is not specifically allowed by that Minecraft server or game. Additionally, we do not support content that involves griefing other Minecraft servers where this is not explicitly an allowed part of that server's allowed gameplay.
    This can additionally include content which appears to be attempting to intentionally mislead viewers into believing you are cheating or "hacking", in the case that we believe assigning a rank may give the impression that we are supporting that cheating.

  • Advertising or Endorsement of Cheats or "Hacks"
    We do not support content that clearly advertises or endorses any form of Minecraft modification specifically designed and intended for cheating use. If you are showing cheats in your video for any non-disallowed reason (see above), any cheat names or branding should be removed or hidden to avoid advertising or endorsing them.
    In the event that cheats include features specifically targeted at us or otherwise mention us within their interfaces, as is unfortunately common as we are a large target for cheat makers, our name should be blurred within this content.

  • Inappropriate Content
    We do not support content of an inappropriate or adult nature, primarily that within a Minecraft or another normally child-friendly setting. This includes content - including videos, video thumbnails, etc. - which depict things such as adult activities or adult levels of nudity.

  • Advertising or Endorsement of Illegal or Similarly Concerning Services
    We do not support content that advertises or endorses illegal services in any form. As well as more obviously illegal practices, this also includes things like the advertising of unofficial Minecraft account stores ("alt shops" or "account generators") which are often found to be distributors of stolen accounts in addition to being in violation of the Minecraft EULA.

  • Content Which Violates Platform Terms or Guidelines
    We are unable to consider applications based on content which clearly violates content guidelines for the platform your channel is on - such as YouTube or Twitch's community guidelines. This is for a number of reasons, however, one of the most significant is that content of this nature is likely to jeopardize the future of these channels - should the platform take action against them.

While this list is not fully comprehensive, these are the most common reasons why we would not be able to accept an application for our Creator Program based on a creator's channels.

Are group channels, with multiple members, eligible? Who can get a rank?

Group channels are absolutely something we can consider applications for our Creator Program based upon and we can often provide multiple group members ranks based on true group channels. That said, as with applications in general, all group channels are considered on a case by case basis - and who we can provide ranks to is something which is subject to our full reviews.

In general, however, for group channels, we do expect that channels will accurately and clearly reflect the group nature of them - and that all group members will be equally deeply and publicly involved with the channel. This means that we generally expect that the channel name, avatar, banner, and other branding will reflect the group as a whole (not a specific individual) and that all group members will be appearing in equal parts in the vast majority of the channels content - normally together and featuring video footage from all members (not necessarily in the same videos). There are additionally other factors we also consider, but this is a basic list to give you an idea of what we expect to see.

For those only involved with your channel in more behind the scenes roles - such as channel managers, editors, and similar - we do unfortunately have to note that we cannot provide these members with ranks on our server.

I make non-gameplay gaming themed content, like animations or machinimas. Can I apply?

As long as your channel still meets our requirements, absolutely!

Whether it be animations, machinimas, gameplay, or other forms of video gaming-related content - we can consider an application based on your channel, as long as you meet our basic requirements.

I have a channel that meets the requirements but don't produce video gaming content. Can I apply?

While you are welcome to submit an application for our Creators Program based on non-gaming channels, in the vast majority of cases we are unfortunately unable to accept an application based on these channels - with this especially being the case for channels at and around our minimum requirements.

I've seen a player with a Creator Program rank breaking your rules or creator guidelines! How do I report them?

If you see a player with one of our Creator Program ranks violating our rules or creator guidelines, we would absolutely encourage you to report them to us - either via our Support Site, though the Creator Program Report form, or via email to [email protected] with the subject "Creator Report". We investigate all reports regarding Creator Program members, and if we find these to be valid and accurate we do take appropriate actions against these creators.

Additionally, if you see one of these players violating rules on our server while you're playing, we would also encourage you to report them using our regular in-game reporting tools so that our team can investigate and handle these cases more quickly if possible and appropriate.

Are the Creator Program ranks, such as the YOUTUBE rank, permanent? Can they be removed for any reason?

While it's not a common step for us to remove the YOUTUBE rank from a creator, there are some reasons why we may decide to do so in some cases. Where we do remove a rank from an account, we may do this on either a temporary or a permanent basis - depending on the nature of the reason for this removal.

For example, we may make the decision to remove the rank from a member of our Creator Program in the following cases:

  • where we find that they have been acting in violation of our rules, and especially in cases where it is clear that they are aware of our rules regarding this.
  • where we find that their content no longer meets our content guidelines - as described here.
  • where we believe that an account has been sold, given aware, or otherwise transferred to someone other than the creator to whom we granted the rank.
  • where we find that a creator has ceased producing content, and does not have indications of returning to producing content in the future.

Though these are examples of why we may choose to remove a rank, this list is not fully comprehensive. If we choose to we can remove a Creator Program rank for any reason. Again, however, this is very uncommon, and removing a creator from our Creator Program is not something we actively seek out to do.

Want to Ask Something Else?

If your question or concern was not addressed here, don't worry. If you need to ask us about something not covered here, simply send us a message with your question via:

Please note that messages normally take 1-2 working days for a response, though may take longer during busy periods such as during public holidays when we often receive more messages.

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