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Quick-paced 1v1s, 2v2s, The Bridge, and more!

The Basics

Game type: Competitive

Depending on the type of Duel you want to do, you have different amounts of players. You can as little as 2 to as many as 12.


  • Coins: Used to purchase cosmetics.

Objective: Test your skills against other players in varying gamemodes to see who will be the best!

The Lobby

In the Duels lobby, you can find several different sub gamemodes,  your stats, and the Challenge Guide. You can view your stats by clicking on the NPC with your Minecraft skin. It will show you the stats for the different sub gamemodes.

The sub gamemodes are right in front of you as you spawn in. Clicking on one of them will give you a menu option for how you would like to play the duel. You can play solos or teams, and more! Check out any of the gamemodes to see the more specifics of how many people you can play with.

Unlike other lobbies, there is no shopkeeper. Instead, you can access your shop by clicking the emerald in your inventory bar. You can buy Loot Chest at

The Challenge Guide tells you more information on how you can challenge specific players.


The Duels kit editor allows you to change the details in kits for some of the sub gamemodes. 

Highlight over the items to see what gamemode they are for. Once you have clicked on an item, it will show you what spawns in your inventory bar beneath the glass and what is in your inventory above the glass. Changing the position of these items will change the default of where they are in your Duels games.


Solo Duels

1 versus 1 is where you play against only one player, by yourself. 

Duel Types for Solo Duels include: Bow Duel, Classic Duel, OP Duel, UHC Duel, NoDebuff Duel, MegaWalls Duel, Blitz Duel, SkyWars Duel, Combo Duel, Bow Spleef Duel, Sumo Duel, UHC Deathmatch.

Team Duels

2 versus 2 is where you play with an additional teammate. 

Duel Types for Team Duels include: UHC Doubles, SkyWars Doubles, MegaWalls Doubles, OP Doubles. 4 versus 4 team duel allows you to play with three additional teammates. It includes UHC Teams Duel.

The Bridge Duels

The goal of this gamemode is to cross the bridges and score more goals than the opposing teams. 

Duel Types for The Bridge Duels include: The Bridge Duel (1v1), The Bridge Doubles (2v2), The Bridge Teams (4v4), The Bridge 2v2v2v2, The Bridge 3v3v3v3.


   Whale Emblem

You can buy some Cosmetics in the emerald in your hotbar. 

Cosmetics include: Projectile Trails, Victory Dances, Kill Effects, Cages, Emblems, Cosmetic Titles, Auras, Weapon Name Packs, Hats, Glyphs, Goals, and Kill Messages.

You can equip cosmetics you own by clicking on one in the shop. It will be equipped for your next game.

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