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Guilds allow you to work with your friends to gain coins, Hypixel Experience, and special cosmetics.

A guild is a group that let's you work together with your friends to get guild achievements and experience. The more Guild Experience you gain, the higher level your guild will be. Higher levels will give you and your guildmates special cosmetics and perks as reward for working and playing together.


To create a guild, do:

/guild create

To join a guild, you can either request to join or accept an invite to one:

/guild join [name] or /guild accept

If you are an officer or a rank with special permissions, check to see what you can do by doing the command:

/guild mypermissions

You can see the full list of commands by doing:

/g or /guild

You can also find the full list of commands at the bottom of this guide.

 Guild Experience and Leveling

Guilds have a leveling system that allow you to access to rewards such as cosmetics and potential coin boosters. Every new guild level will give you a higher chance to earn double coins for a game while every five levels gives you a new cosmetic item!

Work and play together with your guildmates daily to gain more Guild Experience - every time you are on the same team as a guildmate, you receive a 10% boost to the amount of Guild Experience you can earn that game. You can also complete quests by playing with them.

These Guild Quests that are available every week for you to accomplish with your guild. All quests will give your guild 50,000 Guild Experience.

 Guild Cosmetics

Once you reach certain Guild Levels, you can unlock different cosmetics for your guild. This includes Guild Tags and lobby particles.

 Guild Ranks

The Guild Leader can create new ranks within the guild that can give access to different commands. You can learn more about the ranks in this Hypixel Thread

You can also view your current Guild in the Hypixel Social Menu.

 Guild Commands

Here is a full list of the commands for guilds, all starting with /guild:

  • Accept - Accepts a guild invitation
  • Chat [message] - Sends your chat message to guild chat 
  • Create [name] - Creates a guild
  • Demote [player] - Demotes a player from their previous rank
  • Disband - Disbands your guild
  • Discord - Sets the Discord for your guild
  • Help - Shows all guild commands
  • History - Shows the last 24 hours worth of guild activity
  • Info - Shows the information about your guild
  • Invite [player] - Invites a player to your guild
  • Join [player] - Request to join a guild
  • Kick [player] - Kicks a player from your guild
  • Leave - Removes you from the guild
  • Log - Shows the audit log
  • Member [player] - Displays the information of one of your guild members
  • Members - Displays all of your guildmates
  • Menu - Opens the Guild menu
  • Motd - Sets the Message of the Day for your guild. MOTD will appear in chat upon login to the Hypixel Server.
  • Mute [player/everyone] [time] - Mutes the guild chat for a single member or everyone
  • Mypermissions - Shows you what permissions you have in your guild
  • Notifications - Turns off or on the notifications for someone joining the guild
  • Officerchat - Sends a guild message to your officers only
  • Online - Shows online guild members
  • Onlinemode - Toggle whether you want to see offline members in your guild members list
  • Party - Invites your guildmates to a party
  • Permissions - Sets the permissions of a rank in your guild
  • Promote [player] - Promote a player to the next rank in your guild
  • Quest - Shows the current guild quest
  • Rename - Renames the guild
  • Setrank [player] [rank] - Sets the rank of a player in the guild
  • Settings [setting] [value] - This changes guild settings, such as the joining process.
  • Slow - Toggles slow chat, makes members wait 10s before putting another message in guild chat
  • Tag - Sets your guild's tag
  • Tagcolor - Sets your guild's tag color
  • Toggle - Toggles the guild chat for yourself
  • Top - Shows the guildmates with the most guild experience earned
  • Transfer - Transfers the Guild Master role to another guildmate. This will put the old Guild Master to the default guild rank.
  • Unmute [player/everyone] - Unmutes a person or the entire guild
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