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Quests and Challenges

Completing quests and challenges will reward you with coins, Hypixel Experience, and more! 

Each gamemode on the Hypixel Server has different quests and challenges to do either daily or weekly.

The Basics

Where to find your Quests and Challenges

If you follow this guide to find the enchanted book, clicking it will show you the different gamemodes on the Hypixel Server. Clicking on any of them will lead you to their specific quest and challenges.

When do they reset?

Daily quests and challenges reset every 24 hours and weekly quests reset every Thursday night at midnight EST.

Quest Master

The Quest Master is another way for you to view your quests and challenges, but only for the certain gamemode you are in. The Quest Master will show you the same information as your Hypixel In-Game Profile.


Quests are daily or weekly goals for you to accomplish in the different gamemodes. Quests reset after a certain amount of time, so make sure to get as many done as possible before the day or week is over! To activate a quest, click on the paper. Activated quest look like enchanted pieces of paper. 

Hovering over the quest will tell you what needs to be accomplished and what the reward is for finishing it. The bottom of a completed quest will tell you when it will be available again.


Challenges are goals you can complete more than once in a day. You can do up to 10 challenges a day. Challenges are automatically started, so check out which ones you want to do today! The same one can be completed 10 times in a day, but only once per game. Each challenge is worth 3,360 Hypixel Experience.

Hovering over the paper will show you the goal of the challenge and what your reward would be for achieving it.

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