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Hypixel Forums Thread Stamps

Thread stamps help indicate different actions made to a thread such as if you are watching the thread or if a thread is locked.

Thread stamps help us handle and review threads.


The yellow/orange eye means that you are currently watching the thread. This means that you will be alerted of new replies made to the thread. When you post or reply to a thread, you have the option of having it automatically be watched. To turn this option off, visit your Hypixel Forums settings.

 If you want to watch a thread but do not want to reply to a thread, you can click "Watch Thread" in the top right hand corner of any post.

If you want to stop watching a thread, you will see "Unwatch Thread" available in the top right hand corner instead. This will stop sending you alerts about the thread.
Alternatively you can view all of your watched threads here.


A pinned (or stickied) thread is a thread that will stay at the top of its forums section forever until unpinned. Pinned threads have a light gray fade on them in the thread listings and have a little tack on them.

Pinned threads will typically be important news or guides that relate to the forums section they are in.
If you would like your thread pinned then please read this thread.


A lock on a thread means that nobody can reply to the thread any longer. Threads can be locked for many different reasons including rule breaking or the question of the thread being answered. If a thread is locked, it can still be viewed but can no longer be replied to. If your thread is locked, it was locked for a reason. You do not need to make a new thread.

If you would like your own thread deleted then you can do so by clicking the three dots and triangle found at the top right of your post. You will see a dropdown menu with an option to delete the thread.


A poll is a single question set by the thread creator. It appears at the top of the thread and can be answered by anyone who has a valid Hypixel account. Polls have many options such as when it expires, allowing more than one vote etc.

Polls are an easy way to gather opinions or data from others. Keep in mind when answering polls that some polls will display their results publicly so people can see what you voted for.


A redirect means that the thread has been moved and you can find it in a different Hypixel Forums section now. You can have a thread moved by asking a staff member or clicking "Report" and saying "Wrong section, please move to X". Moving a thread does not always mean that it will leave a redirection.

The thread that has been redirected will show no replies, views, or recent commentator names in that section. Since it has been moved, all replies and views will be seen in the new section.

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