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How To Report Rule Breakers

Using Watchdog Report (/wdr) and Chat Report (/chatreport) will send reports of players to moderators for review and possible punishment. If you have your own evidence to submit against a user, you can create a thread in the "Report Rule Breakers" section on the Hypixel Forums.

The Hypixel Help Desk cannot process reports. Please use the methods listed below.

Watchdog Report

Command: '/wdr [Player's IGN] [Type of Mod]'


Watchdog Report is your way of reporting other players who you suspect of using Blacklisted Modifications. The command sends Hypixel's Cheat Detection system, known as Watchdog, an alert that the user you reported may be cheating. Through a variety of detection methods and learning, Watchdog will then determine if the user you reported is a cheater. Using the command will also alert Hypixel Moderators of the suspected cheater, providing more help to catching them.

Please keep in mind that Watchdog solely handles users with Blacklisted Modifications. To report chat rule breakers, please use the command below.

Chat Report

Command: '/chatreport [Player's IGN]'


The Chat Report function allows you to report users that you feel are breaking the Hypixel Server Rules. It sends the recent chat history of the reported user to Hypixel Moderators for review and potential action on the user.

Remember to confirm the Chat Report with  the command '/chatreport confirm'.

Report Rule Breakers

You can use your own evidence to report users and have it submitted to the Hypixel Staff for further review and potential action. You can see more about the "Report Rule Breakers" section here:

Additional links to help with reporting:

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