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How to edit your Hypixel Forums Profile

To edit your information on your Hypixel Forums account, please make sure to be signed in.

Hover over your name in the top right hand corner of any Hypixel Forums page. This will provide you with options that affect your account.

Here, you can see your:

  • Profile Page - Clicking here will lead you to your main page, where other people can see your public information, posts, and profile messages.
  • Personal Details - Lets you set your status message, avatar, game image, location, occupation, home page, and the "About You" section. The "About You" allows you to describe what kind of person you are to those who visit your Profile Page.
  • Signature - Your signature is text that shows up underneath any post you make on the Hypixel Forums (except for your Profile Page messages). You can put quotes, images, .gifs, or just general messages.
  • Contact Details - You can edit the email you use for your Hypixel Forums account (you will need your password to change your email). You can set up the "Messaging Preferences" here as well, which allows you to edit who can contact you. The last section on this page is "Identities" where you can input your social media and other contact information. These will be shown on your Profile Page.
  • Privacy - Privacy lets you show when you are online, date of birth, who can see your Profile Page, and who can message you.
  • Preferences - This allows you to change the your timezone and when you get notified about posts/reactions to your posts.
  • Alert Preferences - Allows you to edit more in depth options to your notification alerts.
  • Avatar - Edit your profile picture.
  • Password - Change your Hypixel Forums account password.
  • Minecraft Account - Allows you to link/unlink your Minecraft Account to your Hypixel Forums account.
  • Your News Feed - Shows you what is happening with the people you follow on the Hypixel Forums.
  • Conversations - Will show you any conversation you are a part of.
  • Alerts - Shows you your recent alerts.
  • Ratings Received - Ratings you have been given.
  • Ratings Given - Ratings you have given.
  • Your Content - Shows you any posts you have made on the Hypixel Forums.
  • People You Follow - Shows you the people you follow on the forums.
  • People You Ignore - Shows you the users you have ignored on the forums.
  • Your Player Profile - Shows you your Hypixel Player information, such as what stats you have in each game and what guild you are in. You can only see this information if you linked your Minecraft account previously using the "Minecraft Account" option.
  • Log Out - Log out of the Hypixel Forums.

To wrap up the options, you can also see "Show online status" which lets users see when you are online and a box that says "Update your status..." which allows you to update your status.

You can also see the above options when you double click on your name in the top right corner. Doing this will send you to

Additional options given in this menu include:

  • Start a New Conversation - Allows you to create a new conversation with another member on the Hypixel Forums.
  • Two-Step Verification - Helps you secure your Hypixel Forums account by generating a verification code using an app on your phone.
  • User Name Change - Allows you to change your Hypixel Forums account name every 30 days.
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