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How to join Hypixel Teamspeak

Hypixel Official Teamspeak - IP:

Joining the Hypixel Teamspeak - /ts

A  rank authentication as been introduced the Hypixel Teamspeak Server, which will allow us to automatically assign ranks on this platform. Users will now be required to create their Teamspeak identities via a command on the Hypixel Server to link it to their Minecraft Account.

Simply use the command /teamspeak or /ts on the Hypixel Server and open the link provided to you:

You will be given access to this website page, and can press this link to automatically connect.

If for any reason the automatic authentication, please follow these instructions:

To automatically login using the Privilege token, open the connect tab using ctrl + S on windows or command + S on OS X:

Once that is done, press done, and enter the Privilege Token in the One-Time Privilege Key:

You can generate a new TS Identity at any time via doing /ts in game.

Using the automatic link to generate a new TeamSpeak Identity using an alternate account may overwrite your previous Hypixel Identity.

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