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Social Menu (friends, parties and guilds)

The Hypixel Social Menu allows players to easily manage their friends list, guild and party. Team up with your friends to join compatible game modes, such as team Bed Wars or team SkyWars.

To  access the Social Menu,  hold the head item in your hotbar while you are standing in any of the Hypixel Lobbies. There will be 5 icons at the top of the menu to click.

  • You
    • This item will look like your head. Mouse over it to see where you are, what guild you are in, and your current online status.
  • Friends
    • Friends are users you like a lot on the Hypixel Server. Click on the book to add a friend and type the player's username of who you would like to add. A request will be sent to the player whose name you wrote. 
    • This menu will allow you to:
      • Manage friends
      • Check what they're doing on the network
      • Invite them to a party
      • Visit their house 
      • See if they're online
  • Party
    • The party menu allows you to create a party. When you are in a party with other players, the party leader can join a compatible game mode. A party leader joining a game will pull all the members of the party into the game with them as well as put everyone in the party on the same team.
  • Guild
    • A guild is a group of players who play together often. Guilds can easily band up together and collect guild coins to upgrade the guild itself. Each guild has their own guild chat, which allows the members of the guild to communicate together in their own private chat. With the guild menu, you can see which members of the guild are online and what they are doing. You can also invite guild members to a party using the guild menu.
      • A user can only ever be in one guild at a time.
      • The VIP+ rank is required to create a guild.

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