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Murder Mystery

1 Murderer. 1 Detective. And a whole lot of Innocents. Can you survive this tense social game of betrayal and murder?

The Basics

Game type: Team Survival

Gamemodes and game size:

  • Classic: 16 players
  • Assassins: 16 players
  • Infection: 16 players


  • Coins: Used to purchase kits and perks. Gained from playing the game.

Objective: The goal changes depending on your role in each of the gamemodes. You either eliminate all the other players, eliminate the Murderer, or try to survive versus Infected players.

The Lobby

In the Murder Mystery lobby, you can find different sub gamemodes  and the Shopkeeper.

The sub gamemodes are right in front of you as you spawn in. Clicking on any of them will put you in a pregame lobby while other players join.

The Shopkeeper let's you open loot chests, buy cosmetics, and see how many coins you have in Murder Mystery. You can buy Loot Chest at



After spawning into the map, you will be given a role. Innocents need to stay alive. They can do this by hiding or by getting a bow to eliminate the Murderer to win. Innocents can make a bow by collecting 10 pieces of gold. The Detective is on the Innocent's team and automatically spawn with a bow. Be careful, if you are an innocent and shoot another Innocent, you will both die! The Murderer needs to eliminate everyone else in the game to win. They spawn with a sword that can be used normally or thrown at another player. If time runs out before the Murderer can eliminate all other players, the Innocents win.


All users are nicked in the game Assassins. At the beginning of the game, you will be given another player's name as your target. You will need to eliminate that player and take their target. You will continue to eliminate your target until you are the last one standing. Be careful though, as you are someone else's target!


In this gamemode, you are either a Survivor or Infected. The goal of the Survivor's is to live until the end of the game. Most players will start as a Survivor. The goal of the Infected is to "infect" the rest of the players, meaning turn them to the Infected team. One player starts as the Infected and attacks the other players to turn them.


    Twerkapocalypse Victory Dance

You can buy some Cosmetics at the Shopkeeper or in the emerald in your hotbar. Cosmetics include: Projectile Trails, Victory Dances, Last Words, Knife Skins, Kill Notes, Gestures, and Animated Hats. Some of the cosmetics can only be found in special Holiday Loot Chests, which go on sale for a limited time during the year.

You can equip cosmetics you own by clicking on one in the shop. It will be equipped for your next game.

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