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Contacting a Staff Member

Staff Members are moderators and helpers who can help answer questions you may have about the Hypixel Server. Here are several ways to contact them.

Please note that staff members do not answer questions on your ban appeals, staff applications, or player reports. 

If you want to find out more on appeals, please go to this guide to learn how to appeal your ban. If you want to apply for Helper, see this guide to apply for staff. If you want to report someone, try following this guide to reporting users on the Hypixel Server.

Finding them in game

This can be difficult as staff members can be in any game lobby. Try checking out lobbies with lots of players in them or the main lobbies, staff members often hang out there! To see if there is a staff member, hold tab and look for any dark green or dark blue names.

Once you find a staff member online, you can use /msg [name] to talk to them. Make sure that you give them the basic information of your problem and do not spam them! Staff members can be busy answering other user's questions or dealing with other issues at hand, so be patient when messaging them.

Using TeamSpeak

Staff members often use TeamSpeak and may be using public lobbies. If you see one of them there, try messaging them or using the voice channel to ask your question. To join the Hypixel TeamSpeak, see this guide. Note: Staff here do not answer questions on ban appeals, staff applications, or player reports.

Messaging them on the Hypixel Forums

You can send any staff member a message on the Hypixel Forums, but please be patient as this may take a little bit longer for a response. You can see what staff members are online on the Hypixel Forums by going to the Hypixel Forums Home page and looking on the right hand side. There you should find a "Staff Online Now" column. Try messaging them as they are actively on the forums!

Can't find a staff member? No problem!

If you have a question, try posting it to the Hypixel Forums Community Help section. This is where community members help answer any question you may have about the Hypixel Server. 

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