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Recording and Screenshot Software

To report users on the Hypixel Server, you need evidence of what the user was doing wrong. We do not accept logs from your Minecraft client as proof.

Screenshot Software

Screenshots are used to report chat rule breakers. There are many ways to upload a screenshot, here are two of them.

  1. Taking a screenshot using F2 in Minecraft.
    1. You can take a screenshot in Minecraft and go to where it uploads in your computer (you can click the screenshot link in your Minecraft chat.
    2. Upload it using an image sharing site (we prefer Imgur - but do not share to the gallery!).
  2. Using an external software to take and automatically upload the screenshot. Here are several programs you can use to take a screenshot.

Recording Software

Recording is used for cheaters in games. There are many different softwares to help you record.

  1. Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)
  2. Fraps
  3. Bandicam

Once you have recorded your video, please upload it to a video sharing site. We prefer YouTube - but make sure you list the video as unlisted! Listing it as private won't allow us to see it.

See this guide to report users on the Hypixel Server.

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